What are the Repercussions for Overstaying a Visa

One of the biggest issues in immigration is the issue of visa overstays. Overstaying is when a visa holder decides to remain in the UK after their visa to stay there expires. It is reasonably common and the British Government has been making attempts to crack down on it. The downside of this crackdown is that people are damaging their future prospects by overstaying in the UK.

Why is it damaging?

The UK has traditionally been poor at record keeping when it comes to immigration, but recently the Home Office has been improving and refining its record keeping processes. This means that if you have overstayed in recent history, the Home Office is likely to be aware of it. If in the future you choose to try and apply for a UK visa. Your immigration history will form part of the eligibility criteria for a new visa meaning that if you have previously overstayed you are likely to be turned down for a new one.

The Home Office takes a dim view of overstaying as they believe that if you have overstayed once, then you are likely to do it again. Overstaying is heavily considered and will likely result in a new visa application being turned down. If you have been turned down for a visa you will have the option to appeal and this is when you may want to consider some legal advice.

How can legal advice help?

While legal advice cannot remove the fact that you previously overstayed from history, they can help to provide solid reasoning for doing so and help to build a case around why it isn’t pertinent to the new application.

Legal teams are well versed in immigration law and the possibilities that exist within it. Our years of experience mean that we have encountered many situations similar to yours and will likely have a solution to your specific issue.

How to avoid the problem?

Of course, the best solution is not overstaying in the first place. This may seem like obvious advice, but people do not take into account the potential for future problems that are caused by overstaying their visa. If there is any chance whatsoever that you plan to return to the UK in the future, then you are best advised to avoid overstaying in the first place. The fashion in which overstaying is dealt with means that it should be avoided at all costs. There is also the possibility of being removed forcefully that exists.

How we can help

Our specialist immigration solicitors can help in all manner of circumstances. No matter what stage you are at with your visa application, we likely have services that can help to assist you. If you have been turned down then do not fear we may be able to help.

Get in touch today to let us talk you through our services and see if we can help with making your application a success.


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