The current business climate means that more people than ever are looking to move to the UK to start a business. There has been a sudden and unexpected rise in the so-called “oldepreneur” group of people of older generations who are upping sticks and moving to the UK to start up a business. According to “The South African” there has been a huge upsurge in those leaving SA for the UK due to its favourable trading conditions and SA’s instability.

The UK regularly features in the World’s top places for entrepreneurs to start up as it has a vibrant and dynamic marketplace and offers wonderful opportunities for would-be entrepreneurs to make their mark.


The UK has excellent opportunities and many willing investors to punt their money into entrepreneurial pursuits. This has lead to a huge upsurge in people taking the plunge and deciding that the time is right to work for themselves. One of the beneficial but unexpected side effects of the 2008 crash is that people have realised that perhaps the jobs market is not the only way and you could potentially be safer going it alone.

Market conditions

Being one of the World’s richest countries the UK has a huge marketplace and is very welcoming to those companies who bring something new to the table. As said previously there is also significant scope for investment and these two factors combined to make the UK a superb place to do business.

Low red tape

Running a business in the UK is a remarkably simple pursuit. The government has spent years ensuring that red tape has been reduced and that business processes are simplified. HMRC runs the taxation system in the UK and generally does a good job of keeping the system in check and helping those who need it. This makes it one of the World’s easiest places to do business and even accounting is relatively simple for all but the biggest businesses.

The rise of the “oldepreneur” is hardly surprising. With dwindling pension pots and poor prospects for older workers, these entrepreneurs are taking their skills that they have learned over a lifetime and putting them to good use in order to work for themselves. This results in extra tax receipts for the exchequer and it also reopens opportunities for the younger generation in more traditional paid employment. The rise of the “oldepreneur” really is a win-win and it is likely that the government will help to compound the benefits and get older people working for themselves to try and lower their reliance on the government.

How we can help

If you’re an “oldepreneur” then we can help you. Our specialist immigration lawyers can help with Tier 1 entrepreneur visas and help to get you into the UK so that you can get your start-up off of the ground. So get in touch today and see what we can do for you.


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