Small business owners have so much on their plates that it is a wonder you ever get anything done.   It takes organisation, patience, great skill and determination to make your business work.    Being a small business owner myself I understand how time consuming it all is, and you still have to network with people.   You may network at meetings and events, or you may even network online.    What ever it is you do, you have to talk to people and you have to tell them what you do.

Easy, you would think.

Not so easy for many small business owners.   Writing what you do is different from saying what you do because we read with a different emotion that the one we use when we listen.

We read with an intellectual head on, yet when it comes to listening to people, our emotion head is stronger.   So when you write what you do, it may come across as a beautiful crafted piece of academic writing.   When you say it to people, it may come across as a ‘So what’ emotion.

As a small business owner you need to take the time to find out how to talk to people about what you do, and the first stage is to understand how people will hear you when you speak to them.    If you tell someone you are an Accountant, we all know what that means.   If you tell someone that you are an Accountant who can solve this particular problem, then our ears prick up and we hear someone who can do something for us.   Someone who can solve a problem.

So you need to take the plunge and find out how to say what you do in a way that people will listen.   You need to find the confidence to believe in what you do and in yourself.

Try it today.   Tell a complete stranger what you do in 60 seconds or less and see if they really get what you can do for someone and how you are going to make them feel.


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