The Tier 1 investor visa route is widely touted to be the most popular and least demanding with regards to requirements. See the summary of this immigration route below: –

·      Applicants will need at least 2milion of their own funds and disposable in the UK for investment to be eligible to apply the Tier 1 Investor visa.

·      They have opened an account in the UK for the purpose of investing the required funds.

·      The applicant must be in control of the investment funds;

·      The funds were obtained unlawfully (or by means which would be unlawful if they happened in the UK); or

·      The character, conduct or associations of a party providing the funds mean that approving the application is not in the public interest.


The UK Immigration rules have been designed to attract great entrepreneurs, investors, skilled workers and generally people with talents. However, in recent times we have witnessed the government tighten its grip even more on highly skilled workers and a few more categories that they were once open to. This therefore means that the best options for wealthy individuals either seeking to just invest or invest with final goal of settling in the UK is the Tier 1 investor visa.


The Tier 1 Investor visa is a route designed for the most affluent and high-net-worth individuals to enter and remain in the UK. This visa route is considered to be the most popular and least demanding when it comes to the requirements.


·      £10 million allows you to apply for settlement in 2 years;

·      £5 million allows you to apply for settlement in 3 years;

·      £2 million allows you to apply for settlement in 5 years.


The Tier 1 investor route has the shortest processing time of all the G8 member nations and boasts of the most objective eligibility criteria that can guarantee a predictable outcome.


Under this route, there is no need to meet any English language requirement as even though Tier 1 investors are allowed to work, it is expected that they would not need to. There is also no need to meet any maintenance funds requirement. This is because it is also expected that if an individual has such large amount to invest, they should be able to support themselves without need to seek help from government funds.


Changes to the Immigration Rules affecting Tier 1 Investors


The Home Office have recently made significant changes to the Tier 1 Investor visa category immigration rules which is due to come to force on the 6th April 2015.


1.   Prospective Tier 1 Investors would need to open a UK regulated investment account before making an initial application under the category.

Prior to the introduction of this rule, applicants needed to invest the required sum within three months of entry into the UK. Within that time, they were required to make a choice on what financial institution they will be dealing with and then subsequently making the investment. However, the rules have now changed. Investors would now need to set up the Investment account first before making the application.


The question that this raises is “How are investors supposed to make investments without been in the country?” Well, this change now means that prospective investors may now need to either apply for entry clearance as a visitor before making the Tier 1 Investor initial application. The purpose of this initial entry is to discuss with wealth managers for the purpose of opening an account. At Reiss Edwards, our business immigration team are able to facilitate the pre and post Tier 1 Investor application.



2.   The minimum age has now been raised from 16 to 18.

This is to ensure that the prospective Tier 1 investor is able to manage the assets and investments under their control.



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