If your current last leave to remain was a Sole Representative of an overseas business, officially known as representative of an overseas business visa, you may be eligible to apply for an extension of your visa provided you have met the requirements.


The Sole rep of an overseas business is usually valid for 3 years on the initial application; an extension of 2 years is usually granted for a successful Sole Rep of an Overseas Business Extension Application. Please note that if your initial application was granted before the 1st of October, 2009, you may be granted a 3-year extension.


You must use the FLR (BUS) application form for this application and your application must demonstrate that you continue to meet the requirement for the initial application and the additional requirements below: –


Requirements for the Extension of a Sole Representative of an Overseas Business


You entered the UK with a valid entry clearance as either a representative of an overseas business or a representative of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation.

2.   The principal place of business and the headquarters of the business is still outside the UK.

3.   The sole representative is still employed full time as the sole representative of the overseas company and he has been able to establish a branch or subsidiary in the UK and is charge of that branch.

4.   The employer has certified that the Sole rep is still required for that job.

5.   The sole is still actively engaged in the employment in which the initial entry clearance application was granted.

6.   The sole rep meets the adequate accommodation and maintenance requirement as stipulated by the immigration rules.


Please note that for a media or publishing house, they may be permitted to have more than one Representative in the United Kingdom at a time provided that the applicant(s) are journalists (producers, news cameramen, front-of-camera personnel).


It may be necessary to evidence the requirement by valid supporting documents within the application. This is where a decent profession legal advice may be necessary. At Reiss Edwards, we are able to look through your documents of evidence and advice on how best to present them as well as which ones fall short, consequently suggesting ways of making putting forward a successful application.


A major advantage of this route is that the Sole Rep may be able to stay on in the UK even if their company’s circumstance has changed; provided that they have been here beyond 2 years. Kindly call us on 02037442797to speak with one of our business immigration specialist to discuss what options are available to you if this is the case.


However, the Sole rep can only extend his stay as under the same category in the UK if they are still working full time for the overseas business.

Length of Leave under this route


Generally, the length of leave under this visa category is 2 years (after the initial application which is for 3 years). However, you may be eligible for a 3 year leave to remain if your last leave was issued before October 1st 2009.


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