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 2018 is likely to be a year of change for businesses in the UK. Brexit could be the biggest economic challenge the UK has faced since the Second World War. With this in mind is it time to decide on a shared vision going forward for your business? What about those who may not be suitable to come on the journey? Is there a way to offset the future challenges that Brexit poses for your business? We think so, and that as a business we offer the ideal, low-cost solution. That solution? Indoor team building events.

 Why a team building event may offset the negative effects of Brexit

 Ok, depending on your business, Brexit may be a potentially negative factor in your business and we can only offer a solution that offsets it, not completely counteracts it! But hear me out here, using team building can lower your staff turnover. As you will know, staff turnover is lethal to a business, the cost of recruitment and training, especially in an unpredictable market, do not make commercial sense for most businesses. By having happier and more engaged staff, you can reduce staff turnover and raise productivity.

 I’m still not convinced

 Ok, so the thought of saving money on staff turnover is not enough to convince you. What about a much-enhanced working environment? Your staff will not only be happier after a team building event, they will be more likely to work together. Our team building events make your teams rely on each other to succeed. This need of others is vital to building trust and relationships in teams that may be new or in need of help to improve cohesion.

 What type of team building events do you offer?

 Well, we offer everything from games based on TV shows such as The Qube and The Crystal Maze. These old favourites are well known by delegates and force them to rely on each other to succeed in the challenges that will lay ahead. Or how about wine tasting? The relaxed atmosphere allows people to get to know each other better and adds in the vital social lubricant that wine has provided for millennia! Even Jesus enjoyed a tipple with his friends (in not so brilliant circumstances!) so why wouldn’t your teams also enjoy a little tipple.

 Where can I learn more?

 Get in touch today for a walk through of our full suite of bespoke services. We offer something for every business, no matter the size or industry. Our customer service team will take you through the process and can take over the complete running of the project, enabling you to relax and enjoy the experience yourself rather than worrying about the logistics. So give us a call today and let us plan the perfect indoor team building event for you.


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