Satisfying Genuine Entrepreneur Test

The government continues to tighten the rules around immigration into the UK and more specifically it has targeted the area of the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa route. This route allows entrepreneurs with seed capital to set and run a business in the UK for up to 3 years and 4 months. As one of the more generous visa schemes available it is also one of the most applied for and Home Office officials have their hands full trying to ensure that those who apply are genuinely who they say they are. To try and ensure this they made the genuine entrepreneur test part of the application process for Tier 1 entrepreneur visas.

What is it?

The test is actually made up of needing to provide documentary evidence to prove the claims of the entrepreneur and in some circumstances, there will be a need for an interview. This process is intended to ensure that the person is indeed an entrepreneur with satisfactory business knowledge and investment capital to be accepted.

The main areas of concern are the business plan which will be the central document to the whole application and is a vital piece of the puzzle, we investigate this in the next paragraph. There is also the burden of financial proof, with many people now gaining access to seed capital the process is somewhat easier than before in that you can prove in advance that at the very least there are people who are willing to support the proposed business.

How to satisfy the criteria

One of the biggest parts of the test will be the applicant’s business plan. This plan when well executed will show that the entrepreneur has not only researched their idea properly, it shows that they understand all the intricate facets of the market and what is required to be successful in it. That’s why so many businesses turn to business planners to ensure that their plan is brought to life by experts who know what Home Office officials are looking for.

Being prepared for the test is the key, you need to know your market and proposed business inside out as Home Office officials are going to drill deep to see if the business really is viable. Whilst obviously not business minded, Home Office officials are skilled at detecting deception and this is what they are mainly looking for in the application.

How we can help

As immigration law specialists we are best placed to build a strong application for a proposed Tier 1 entrepreneur. With years of experience and many happy customers, we know that we can help to maximise your opportunity. We can build your application from the ground up and even put you in contact with expert business plan writers who can create a perfect application to suit your business. So if you are looking to apply for a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa get in touch and see what services we can provide to assist you.


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