A sole representative is a person who is set to establish a subsidiary or branch on the in UK for a parent company overseas. It must be established that the firm has no other representative, branch or subsidiary in the UK.

The Sole Rep visa is officially known as a representative of an overseas business visa and it currently leads to settlement after 5 years. Dependants and family members (spouse, children and long term cohabiting unmarried partner) will be able to accompany the Sole Rep to the UK on a depended visa having the same length of stay as that of the Sole rep they are depending on. Importantly dependants of the Sole Representative will be able to work in the UK without any restriction and they will have access to healthcare and education as British nationals.

It is important to note that an overseas business is only allowed to have one sole rep in the UK at a time. Another person who is non-European will not be able to work for the overseas business in the UK. The business will need to apply to be granted a Sponsor license to be able to sponsor overseas workers.

An Entrepreneur seeking to establish his business in the UK will not qualify for a Sole Rep visa; however, such an employee may qualify for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa (Please call our Business Immigration Team to find out which business visa category you qualify for 020 3744 2797). In order to qualify for a Sole rep visa or a representative of an overseas business visa, the business must have already been registered and existing overseas.

Eligibility – The Individual ‘Sole Rep’

·         The individual must be an employee of an overseas business establishment posted to the UK on a long-term assignment

·         The individual must have been recruited and employed overseas.

·         Is in a top management position and therefore has the ability to make operational decisions without having to constantly consult the overseas head office.

·         The employee will be working full time and only as the representative of that overseas business.

·         The sole rep must not be a majority shareholder in the overseas firm. The sole rep category is not designed for business owners or entrepreneurs.

·         The sole rep must be able to meet the maintenance requirement for themselves as well as their dependants if any without recourse to public funds.

·         Must be meet the English language requirement

·         It would be an advantage if the prospective sole rep has held a similar role in another country and is familiar with international and global business best practices

For more information regarding the initial application for this route (Sole Representative for an Initial Application), please feel free to contact one of our immigration advisers on 020 3744 2797 or send us an email on info@reissedwards.com. Our specialist business immigration lawyers are keen on hearing you to assist you and your company with these UK visa processes as well as deal with any complications that you might have.


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