Paulette Wilson

A woman who has lived in the UK for 50 years has won her right to remain in the UK. Paulette Wilson, 61, a former cook in the House of Commons, was denied from receiving benefits and denied the right to work for two and a half years. Wilson was detained at Yarl’s Wood detention center and after a week was take to London’s Heathrow airport for deportation. She was due to be returned to Jamaica, a country that she left as a 10 year old and has no relatives in.


The coverage of Wilson’s plight in the British newspaper The Guardian had helped to highlight the nightmare case. The article prompted angry responses from politicians and the media at large and certainly seems to have helped her case. This week Wilson finally received her Biometric Residence Permit confirming her settled status in the UK.


“It’s great news. I’ve been really struggling for the last two and a half years – it’s hard without money,” Wilson said of the nightmarish ordeal. The lack of being able to work for two and a half years left Wilson struggling day to day.


“I’ve never done anything wrong; how could I be an illegal? It would be nice to get an apology from the government saying: we are sorry we put you though this,” she went on to say. So far there has been no sign of an apology from anyone in the Government.

An intervention by Jim Wilson, a lawyer who works with the Refugee and Migrant Centre in Wolverhampton, helped stop Paulette’s deportation. He said her papers had come through unusually quickly once the case was highlighted in the media. “She has been treated abominably,” he said. “It is significant that they picked on a vulnerable person – someone who can’t read properly, who has no knowledge of the system and no funds to get legal advice. There are plenty of other people in this situation, we just don’t know how many.”


Wilson’s MP, Emma Reynolds, said: “This is not an isolated case and I have asked the Home Office to assess how many people in Paulette’s situation are being treated in this appalling way.”


The situation is getting worse for some of those who came here as children. The Government seems to lack a common sense approach to the problem of people who came here and were not properly recorded. These cases will continue to come to light as the Government attempts to strengthen its grip on the immigration system in the UK.


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