• Steve Counsell posted an update in the group Group logo of YoutubeYoutube 7 months ago

    I’d like to know if anyone else if “Monetizing” their youtube channel.
    I’ve resisted monetising mine because:
    A – I felt that my viewers would not want to see the “pre-roll” adverts
    B – There was too little money to be had for a small channel

    If you have monetised your channel, are you seeing any real income from it of is the income so small it actually costs you money to count it?

    I monetised my vlogs from about 7th June and so far the income from it is just over $6. Small but I do only have 600 odd subscribers. I’ve been surprised at the level of income from it and can see that it would be really worthwhile when a channel reaches 10,000 plus subscribers. This assumes that the income level rises by a factor of 10. (1000 subs = about $10 a month so 10K subs might see $100 a month)

    I’ve been investigating what it takes to get the big numbers of subscribers and although there is no real secret formulae it does seem that getting started is hard, getting your first 100 subs is a major battle, your first 1000 subs is very tough and so on.
    I’m looking forward to the day when I can say I’ve got 1,000,000 (one million) subscribers and that I’m a full time blogger 🙂


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