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Founder | Business Growth

Founding the UK Business Circle is, alongside, my beautiful family, my greatest achievement in life. I’m a creative thinker and perfectionist when it comes to business. My mind never shuts down, and I love bringing idea’s and my creativity to life. If I can’t find what I want or need, I create it, just like I have done with the UK Business Circle.

Family is everything to me, and it’s what drives me forward, I have my beautiful wife, two children, two dogs, and my 23 year old cat who I have had since I was 17! When friends describe me, they say I’m like Tigger, always happy, love a good laugh, and I apparently bounce around with so much energy.

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Co-Owner | Marketing

People call me Mrs Organised, and I love a plan! I have spent 20 years in Senior roles in the Financial Services industry, mainly in Strategy, planning & proposition development. People called me a “plumber” I went into leaking bits of the organisations I worked in and fixed the leaks! Leaving all that behind, and coming to work on the UK Business Circle is the best decision I ever made.

I love, and get a kick out of helping and talking to people. People fascinate me, I love hearing about the stories that inspired someone to set up their own business, and meeting the person behind the business. My gorgeous family is my everything, they are my life, what makes me breathe, and my driver behind EVERYTHING I do.

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Admin | Daily Topics

Well hello there! This is the fun part because not many people understand what I do… I’m a content strategist and copywriter. I make a brand message sing and help businesses connect with their target audience. I’m one of those content marketing types who are seen crafting strategies, website content, blog posts and social media content. I’ve been in business 3 years, and I’m loving every second! Oh, I’ve also branched out and released my debut thriller novel.

Being a member of UK Business Circle has been downright liberating. The chance to get to know so many people behind the businesses and be a part of such a fascinating support network never ceases to amaze me. That value for me is immense.

On a more personal note, I have 3 tiny hamsters (they are my babies!) and I’m becoming increasingly dog broody. My partner and I are in the process of buying our first house and can’t wait to invite the new furry addition into our family.

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Admin | Facebook Group

I’m Justin, and I run my own Insurance Brokers JPR Insurance Ltd, alongside my business partner Stuart. We operate in six specialist area’s;

Landlords Insurance
Commercial Property Insurance
Unoccupied Property Insurance
High Net-worth Household
Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses
Individual Risk

We have a large panel of composite insurers available as well as Lloyds underwriting services and are leading suppliers of landlord insurance across the UK.

I am lucky enough that Gavin the founder is also my brother! I love him dearly, and couldn’t wish for a better brother. The passion & dedication that he has to the UK Business Circle is inspiring, and I just want to say “Love You Gav”

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Admin | Facebook Group

After many 20 years, managing, developing and training sales teams for large corporate companies, I decided to set out alone in my own business and never looked back!

I started my business in August 2013 to add a touch of sweetness to any event. Corporate and personal branded gifts, bespoke candy buffets, chocolate fountains, popcorn and candy floss.

I joined UKBC when it started early 2014, I have found support, customers, suppliers and given and received advice from its members over the years. Gavin has ensured the group has always been friendly, supportive and spam free and has at times worked tirelessly to improve and grow the group. I would have been lost without UKBC for sure.

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Forums | Daily Topics

I lecturered in Mental Health Recovery and Personal Development for 12 years in Primary and Secondary care. I’m a creative person and particularly enjoyed writing courses and resources, however the changes in FE and the demands of four small children made me reassess at the end of 2016.

So, in 2017 I’ve started two new businesses! Both are passions of mine that were already in play, I have a strong concern for the environment and our impact on it, as well as a lifelong love of reading. So, in between the school run and being the nit police I love to be here too helping other people find their passions.

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