Is travel insurance required to gain a UK visa

This is one of those house wives tales that seems to exist for seemingly no reason whatsoever. It perhaps came from a conversation with an official or perhaps it has just gotten into folklore, but it isn’t necessary to have travel insurance to gain a UK visa and is not mentioned in the criteria for any of the UK’s visa routes.

What is required?

Depending on the visa applied for, there will be an eligibility criteria that applies specifically to the routing. But there are some criteria that are common among the routes and we’ll look at them below:

English language requirement – the English language requirement is now pretty much universal in UK visa eligibility. The UK has set specific boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not and these can be found on the government’s website. But you will be required to have a high level of English understanding in order to enter the UK.

Maintenance funds – again another common criteria. The UK wants to ensure that those coming to the UK are able to financially support themselves; the UK is one of the World’s most expensive countries to live in and as such requires immigrants to be able to support themselves due to the possibility of not being able to work on arrival.

Valid reasoning for being in the UK – this is likely to come up as well. Do you have family ties? What about a job lined up? For instance if you are coming on a Tier 2 general migration visa is your sponsorship still valid? You are likely to be questioned on your reasoning for entering the UK.

Valid future prospects – do you have the ability to earn for yourself in the future? Eligibility criteria is tight now and demands that applicants are skilled. If not, then this may be acceptable if you’re on a student visa, but far less acceptable if you’re coming to work.

What may help?

Having a generally well prepared application will go a long way to being successful in entering the UK. But this must be backed up by being eligible and ready to answer any and all questions that may be thrown at you. If you need help then we can arrange for you to receive adequate preparation in order to submit a successful application. We can also ensure that you are well prepared for any questioning that you may receive.

How we can help

Our specialist immigration lawyers are experienced in all facets of immigration law and can help ensure that your application is created with care and attention and that it will impress any immigration official.

We have a long list of happy clients and we would love you to become one of them; if you would also like to be one of them, get in touch and see how we can help with your immigration case, giving you the best chance of success of entering and settling in the UK.


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