We strongly recommend that companies from time to time carry out mock audits of their immigration compliance systems especially given the fact that the Home Office carry out regular compliance checks and audits of firms with sponsor license.

If you have migrant workers in your establishment, you must always check your level of compliance. At Reiss Edwards, we have specialist immigration auditors who will not only check for non-compliant loop holes within your HR systems, they will also suggest ways on how you can improve your HR system.

.If you require a mock audit or need to build a new immigration compliant HR system, we offer a free initial consultation and our team of Tier 2 compliance specialist will be on hand to help you throughout the process. Call us now on 02035407770 or send us an email on info@reissedwards.com

Immigration Compliance Training Service

Our Tier 2 compliance experts also offer an immigration compliance training service for businesses seeking to manage the system and process in-house. Our immigration training courses will cover the following:

  1. The Basics of immigration law for Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5
  2. Maintenance and management of accurate records;
  3. Sponsor duties and how to meet them – Best practices
  4. Monitoring your overseas workers
  5. The categories of permission.
  6. Requesting a new CoS and assigning compliance officers
  7. Remaining Compliant

Please contact us today to book a training on 02035407770 or send us an email on info@reissedwards.com


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