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    Hi everyone. Can anyone give me some advice in respect of VOIP phones. I’m using one and it’s really good, but the phone plugs direct into my router which for me is not a problem because the router is on my desk. My other offices however have routers that are miles away from their desks (one is in the downstairs toilet for reasons that I don’t fully underatand!). Is there such a thing as a wireless VOIP phone, so that the base unit can plug into the router as usual, but the handset can be used elsewhere? If anyone has a link to a particular product that would be really appreciated. All the technical specifications on these phones just make my head hurt!!

     Clive Campling 

    I don’t use a VoiP phoneset, I use my laptop & plug comfortable headphones into the laptop. Good sound quality, can also use same configuration when using Skype.
    VoIP provider is SIPGATE based in Germany & I pay about £50.00 per month in two split payments, you can select other payment packages. Instead of the phone hardware, I’ve got PhonerLite software to make calls off the laptopscreen, which is FREE to download. All calls are logged time/duration. You can load the numbers into a phonebook so that you don’t need to put in the number each time, just select & one click & the call is being made.
    Call quality mostly good, to both landlines & mobile.
    You can set the VoIP service up as suit, including email notification automatically should you miss a call. You get a dedicated 0845 number to use, so can be based anywhere in the UK.Have been using for about 6 months, no real problems. Saves me money each month rather than using BT.

     Michael Mason 

    I’d use an old Smart phone and install Voiper.

     Paul PJ Juniper 

    Hi Gavin,

    Did you manage to resolve your issue, if not I’m sure I can assist, please let me know.


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