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    For the bloggers here in the group – let’s share our blogs.

    Link to the main blog rather than a specific post, add a brief description of what you blog about.

    Obviously, we’re not all going to be into the same things but where you can please do support each other by leaving a genuine comment.

    Tip- Please make comments over 10 words long as otherwise they can get picked up as spam.

    You can check out my blog Morning Business Chat at I mainly focus on having a positive business mindset, law of attraction for business and life, goal setting. I do throw in the odd post on things like social media, blogging tips that are working for me…


    Only just noticed this post Gav. I really must get on the site a bit more! You can find my blog at I provide advice on how to create and market great content to grow a hungry fan base and drive sales.

    Look forward to checking out all the other blogs here. 🙂


    No problem at all @designsmoothie , I know we are all busy, I really appreciate what you do in the group, I have some very big changes happening with UKBC today, the whole home page is changing making it a lot better and we have decided to offer our services ect throughout the website.

    Hoping to get live by this afternoon.


    Sounds exciting! Let us know when you’ve made the updates. 🙂

     Claire Lyons 

    This sounds good, I have a blog as part of I’m looking for guest bloggers and to be a guest on other blogs moving forward – so if anyone thinks we could work together that would be fantastic xx



    This is cool, I have a work blog which attempts to comment on companies as they report their news so for example I blogged about the shocking Carillion insolvency news.

    I also have a personal blog which is all about my love and interest in skiing it sort of attempts to interest the public in skiing and I’ve called it not really got huge time for this but I’ve got it off to a start at least.

    Blogging is great but it is so easy to let it slip and before you know it, your blogs have not had posts for months etc!


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