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     Samantha Vanderpal 

    Hi all, *big wave* I’m Sam and I’m co-director of Smart eLearning Ltd. My business partner (and also the husband, Andy) have been in the eLearning game for over 12 years and trading as Smart eLearning for just over 3 years. We’ve worked across the globe designing, developing, and delivering eLearning solutions to some of the biggest brands. We are Johnson & Johnsons development partner for 6 of their business verticals, we’re also Renault-Nissan’s learning developers.

    We are based in Great Yarmouth, and can often be found eating an ice-cream on the sunny beach… of course, I am joking, we eat our ice creams in our car because it’s always bloody raining! feel free to check us out on

    Looking forward to connecting with you all!


    Hi Sam

    Welcome to the UK Business Circle, thanks for taking the time to add a great introduction, I am going to have a good look at your website.

    You are really local to me well 50 miles but even closer when I am at my caravan in Hemsby, we look getting away with the kids and our dogs.

    Hope you enjoy our network and if you have any questions at all, please just get in touch, we are always just a phone call or email away.

    Look forward to networking with you and finding out more about your business.


     Heinz Kastner 

    Hi Sam! A very warm welcome. I will have for sure a look at your website


     Claire Lyons 

    Great Intro! Welcome, I may need to pick your brains as I’m about to write an 8 week online course… I’m on Teachable so was going with them again but I imagine there are lots of other options!

    Good to have you here x

     Laura Rookyard 

    Hi @smartelearning Sam and hubby Andy! It’s great to see such a lovely introduction! I’m Laura @gavinukbc wifey! eLearning I can see is making a massive comeback in the online world. It’s such a powerful way to get your skills, products and knowledge out there to enable anyone to access in your own time. We are a really honest, genuine and great bunch of other business owners on here. We all have the same aim of helping one another out, connecting, collaborating and now we have the face to face element. As Gavin said we can also be found in the car eating ice creams at Great Yarmouth when we visit our caravan in Hemsby!

    We are starting our first of many face to face networking events on the 28th June, it would be great to come along if you can. We are really honoured to have the amazing @discoveryourvoice Bev as our guest speaker who is travelling from afar to the first one.

    Feel free to post any topics in any of the forums, groups etc, the more you post, the more you will be picked up in Google and as we have so much constant content, SEO specialists have confirmed that it’s a great way for you to also get positive impact back links and Google trawls by posting on the site. You can also add any blogs or events you have too.

    Big love and a big welcome Laura

     Helen Hill 

    hellooooo there! I work in e-learning in my ‘other life’ , it’s a great field to be in 🙂 I shall trundle over and have a look at your site.
    H x

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