Can I buy my way into the UK?

A common query for potential immigrants looking to travel to the UK is whether they can simply “buy” their way into the UK. In this article we look at the ways that you can gain a UK visa and whether you can actually “buy” your way into the country.

So, can I “buy” my way into the UK?

In practical terms, no, you cannot buy your way into the UK. But that doesn’t mean that there is no option at all. If you are a wealthy (Have £2m to invest) individual you can come to the UK on a Tier 1 investor visa. The eligibility criteria are pretty stiff and you will need to ensure that you can prove that you have the funds available and are going to invest them into a business in the UK.

Why is the investment threshold so high?

The threshold is set as a bar of entry and ensures that only those with the means to support themselves and invest in British business can apply. Due to the UK being one of the more attractive places in the world for immigrants to move to, the UK has set the bar high so that only those who can invest vast sums can come on this visa which is one of the more lucrative offered by the British Government.

What are the benefits of a Tier 1 investor visa?

With certain investment levels, you can reduce how long you need to be in the country for before you can apply for indefinite leave to remain. For instance, if you had £5m to invest then you could reduce the waiting time from 5 years to 3 and if you have over £10m to invest, then you can reduce that to two. The standard waiting time is 5 years.

What are the other eligibility criteria for the Tier 1 investor visa?

As we have already discussed, you will need to ensure that you have at least £2m in disposable assets in a financial institution.You must also be able to prove that the money belongs to you. You will also need a UK bank account.

I can’t stretch to £2m, what are my options?

If you cannot stretch to the £2m needed for a Tier 1 investor visa then you will need to look at one of the other UK visas. If you had some money to start a business then you may want to look at the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa which has a much lower financial requirement.

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