Brexodus falls UK’s net migration

In recent figures, it has been revealed that net migration to the UK fell by 29,000 between September 2016 and 2017. The net migration figure for EU citizens fell to 107,000 in 16-17 and this represents the lowest figure since 2012. The rate of increase since the Brexit referendum of EU citizens returning to their country of origin is up 95 percent. The shocking figures confirm the suspicion that many EU citizens have decided that they’re better off going home or elsewhere in the European Union.

The “Brexodus” is real and happening, although there is still much turmoil in the Conservative Party over the future of Brexit, it seems that many EU citizens have already decided that their future lies elsewhere and not in the UK. Record numbers of EU migrants have chosen to leave the UK or move to a different destination in the last year and these figures are only increasing. This is before the UK has even left the union, the worry is that this is the trickle before the flood.

The biggest cause for concern is the lack of progress on the EU negotiations in Brussels, a lack of coherent strategy by the British government and stiff EU negotiators means that negotiations are still very much at an impasse.

In good news for Labour supporters, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has finally nailed his colours to the idea of Britain having a new customs union with the European Union much like the one that is already in place, the concern for many major British businesses is that the ports simply cannot handle the number of customs entries that would need completing for the UK to continue trading at the level it does now with the rest of Europe. A harmonised customs union with the rest of Europe would benefit Britain immensely and allow it to carry on with the seamless trade that the UK now enjoys with its European partners. Many will question the idea of whether this is possible without freedom of movement, it seems very unlikely, and the only two other countries that have this arrangement with the EU also have freedom of movement –  Switzerland and Norway.

 Surety for EU migrants living in the UK is at an all-time low. Many EU migrants moved to the UK to secure their future and the lack of certainty is pushing some to make the hard decision to leave the UK and their lives behind in it. They have decided to jump, believing that the UK will be likely to end freedom of movement in March 2019.

How we can help

If you are an EU migrant living in the UK and looking to stay permanently then please get in touch. Our immigration solicitors can help review your situation and see if there is any way you would be eligible to stay in the country after March 2019. If so they can help you to complete an application and secure your future in the UK.


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