Are you exhibiting this year? Here are our top tips for exhibiting.

  1. 75% of visitors are there to buy.
  2. Exhibiting means you’re face to face and can interact using all five senses!
  3. It’s cost effective, you can meet endless amounts of potential customers and contacts.
  4. Think about what you want to achieve from exhibiting. Set goals.
  5. Make sure your stand reflects your company and is going to help you reach your targets.
  6. Make sure your branding is consistent.
  7. Make sure your staff know what they are talking about – train them.
  8. Advertise before. Make sure people know you are there.
  9. Ask open questions, encourage people to talk and spot how you can help.
  10. Don’t spend too long talking- speak to as many people as possible.
  11. Focus on the day. Don’t be answering emails or taking calls, make the most of your time there.
  12. Look professional. Look smart and don’t eat whilst on the stand.
  13. Get contact details.
  14. Classify all leads.
  15. Remember why you are there, stay focused on your objectives.
  16. Talk less, listen more.
  17. Analyse what went well and what didn’t.
  18. Make use of all the information you have gathered.
  19. Follow up leads, you will need to contact them on average six times before they convert.
  20. Book early for next year.


Limelight Design & Print can help ensure that your branding is consistent. This September we have free design when you purchase an exhibition package! 

Ask us about branding today!


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